Our Adoption Community is GROWING!

I am delighted to announce that another set of friends is adopting! The Fontaines are adopting domestically- they were in our small group last year at our church and we are so excited for them. The only problem is that this means they will be raising a little Alabama fan...

Our church is beginning to create an amazing community of adoption. Thanks to the Orphan Care ministry, many families are seeing the beauty and priority of adoption.

So watch out, Raleigh/Durham. There is about to be an even higher group of multiracial families here! Won't that be beautiful?? I feel like I am continually hearing "You need to meet ___ because they're adopting" or "Do you know ___, they're adopting from ____" and I LOVE IT! there are also many people who are considering adoption/ foster care and are planning to start in the next year. Wooo hoo!

I don't take for granted this community, because I know not every family has this support. I am so thankful to be where we are in this moment.

Want to meet some of our fellow Summit- adoptive parents? Check out their blogs here: Fontaines, Flemings, Hanlons, Allisons, Moores, Forrests (no blog). I'm sure there's tons more that I haven't even heard of yet!

AND if you're a local and want to help out with some of these families, mark your calendars for these dates:
1. October 30- Yard Sale for the Fontaine's adoption -7am @ Harps Mill Road in Raleigh (next to I-540 and Capital Blvd/ US-1

2. November 6- Find us, the Allisons and the Moores at the Southeastern Seminary Craft & Bake Sale... more info to come!

3. November 10- Chick Fil A Spirit Night for Allison's adoption- 5-8pm @ Falls Village on Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh


  1. I LOVE local adoption communities and I love that you all are part of the beginnings of one at the Summit! Maybe when everything's all said and done w/school here, we can move back home and join you :-)

  2. This is wonderful! I am praying this for my community. We really don't know many adoptive families in our area.

  3. Yeahhh Jenny- move back, move back!!

    Meredith- praying that you do find this in your community SOON! Hopefully you will just be starting a new trend of bringing home adopted babies!

  4. Love hearing about all these adoptive families in your area!! That is exactly like what we are starting to see here in MS, and I love it! It so great to have the support and friendship of other families in your community...all with hearts for orphans and adoption!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! We love that there is so much support around here:) God is good! Our yard sale is October 30th (not 31st).

  6. I found you through Leigh's blog and just wanted to say that we are praying for you and your family! We adopted our girls a year ago and it has been so awesome! Love to see you guys so aligned to the heart of God and His heart for orphans!!!

  7. That is awesome to hear! Our church's call to care for the Orphan is growing fast as well- and we are praying for many hearts to be stirred on Orphan sunday this year!

  8. It is so exciting to hear of churches taking on the call to care for orphans and widows. Can't wait to hear how Orphan Sunday goes in many churches!


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