September Official Numbers!

We got our number call last Thursday, and it was great to hear from our case worker, B! The first thing I told her was "don't get mad, but we haven't sent off our I-600A form yet" and she said that we were the third family she had talked to that hasn't done this yet... made us feel a little bit better about being slackers!

Anyways, our numbers for the month are:

Girl's List:

Boy's List:
So we moved 3 spots for girls and 1 spot for boy in the last month. Hopefully things will pick up once court reopens in October (Ethiopian courts close every year for 2 months during the "rainy season").

The most simple way to explain the waitlist numbers is that there are 73 families waiting for a girl/ 47 families waiting for a boy ahead of us.... but this is not necessarily true, because some families (like us) are on both lists, so if they get a referral, then we move on both lists!

Thanks for praying alongside our journey. We are staying busy these days but our child is constantly on our minds and hearts. This waiting game is not for sissies, and we are resting in God's grace to sustain us as we trust in His sovereign plan for our lives and the life of our Ethiopian baby.