Black Gold

After recommendation from many people on the AGCI Listserve, Will and I added "Black Gold" to our Netflix Que. It is a documentary about the coffee market in Ethiopia, and follows a man who advocates for farmers in Ethiopia. It was very well-done, and I would recommend that you add it to your Netflix list or search for it at movie stores (are there still movie stores out there??).

For a good review of the film, read Angela's review here.

To check out the film's website, go to

When I was watching the movie I couldn't help but think of our baby- will our baby come from a family of coffee farmers that lives off of so little? One thing is for sure- the Ethiopian people featured were beautiful and hard working.

Another thing that this film really allowed me to see was the importance of buying fair-trade. I really hadn't researched it that much but now I see how money really filters down to the people who do such hard work to care for their families and send their kids to school.

I hope that you will check the film out, but that you will also consider buying fair-trade items when possible. Someone on the listserve mentioned that they saw fair-trade coffee at Wal Mart!

If you are interested in buying fair trade and supporting our adoption, check out our "Just Love Coffee" fundraiser. The coffee is fair-trade, and the company was started by an adoptive family.

Every bag of coffee that is purchased from our site, $5 goes towards our adoption- and trust me, that adds up! We bought some of the "Ethiopian Harrar" and it has been so tasty (and we are coffee snobs). We also got one of the little coffee scoops, and it has allowed for us to have the perfect measurements of coffee for our pot. Before this, our coffee would be too strong one day or too watery the next because I never could measure it right (how many "heaping teaspoons" do we need for 2 people?). This would be a good "stocking stuffer" or gift idea, since it is only $3.50! And I think we get $1 for each of those too!

Check out our coffee site here:

The scoops I was talking about can be found here.

A coworker of mine bought several bags of Just Love's coffee from our site... we have had fair-trade sampling parties in our office on days when we all need a caffeinated "pick me up." This could be something you could do at your office too!

Thanks friends!