More Detailed Pad Project Instructions

This is taken from Andrea's blog... she is one of the project coordinators and recently adopted from Ethiopia. Check out her blog here.

FAQs for Project 1: “It’s a Girl Thing”
PLEASE NOTE–some things may have been tweaked per Sarah and I so please read carefully! Thank you to the AMAZING group of ladies involved!!! And if you live in the Atlanta area and you are interested in joining our pad party—please let me know! AND…thank you Sarah Titus for providing the wonderful answers for us!!!

1. We will provide a kit for each girl. What needs to go in each kit?

12 washable inserts + 6 holders + 2 panties + 1 drawstring bag

2. What kind of material should I use?‘Envelope’ or ‘holder’ – These can be made of many different fabrics: cotton, flannel, twill, etc although I would recommend staying away from stretchy knits and synthetics like polyester.

There are basically two options:

A. To make them with one waterproof layer of PUL (bottom layer) and make the top and two little ‘envelope’ ends out of a different fabric like a cotton print.


B. Without a waterproof layer – the holder/envelope would be made all out of the same fabric.

Both are completely acceptable!!! The only part of these that will be touching skin are the two little ends – the pad or ”insert’ is the more important layer as it is what will be touching skin and doing the absorbing.

Pad or ‘insert’ – These are best using a soft, thick, absorbent material like flannel. Do you have any flannel sheets lying around not being used?? Flannel shirts?? Anything like this will work great!!! You can make these three different ways:

A. By sandwiching a layer of cotton batting (not poly as it won’t absorb) between two layers of flannel and serging or zigzagging all four sides,


B, By cutting 4-6 layers of flannel and serging or zigzagging the edges,


C. By sandwiching a layer or two of terry cloth strips (old towels, etc) between flannel and serging edges (I would recommend using a serger for this option because terry can fray badly if just zigzagged with a regular sewing machine).

Drawstring bag – These can also be made of many different fabrics! I like the way a nice cotton print or a cotton/poly print turn out. Both are durable and easy to clean. You may want to use many different prints so the girls can tells theirs apart and they are unique. I have also made these with a print on one side and a contrasting solid on the other. (You would just have to sew the two fabrics together at the bottom instead of making the bag out of all one piece).

Drawstring for bag – Ribbon, nylon string, cording, etc I would NOT recommend using yarn or regular string, as these would wear out quicker and be a bit harder to use.

3. Waterproof layer? What is PUL???

Here is a great description of PUL fabric: This is great to use for the waterproof layer of fabric you can use for your holders/envelopes.

4. How will the holders stay on the panties? Do I have to use snaps?

Touch tape (Velcro) and snaps both seem to be performing well for fasteners.

5. How much fabric do I need for the envelopes/holders?

One yard of PUL will make about 30 ‘envelopes’ as long as you use a cotton or flannel for the top layer.

6. If I am going to hold a party, do we need someone to bring a serger?

Not necessarily, BUT if someone has one–absolutely bring it as a serger will make completing the edges super fast and much easier!

7. When are the deadlines for completing the project?

We have 2 seperate deadlines. We will send the first shipment over with travelers in late October–so our first deadline is October 1st. Our goal would be to have half of the pads in by this time. If you or your party can’t have them ready to October 1st–no worries. We will have more travelers going to Korah later in the year and the Wiphan trip will not go over until late December. Our second deadline is December 1st.

8. Where do I ship our kits once completed?

If you live on the east side of the U.S. you will ship to Andrea in Georgia. If you live on the west side you will ship to Sarah in Oregon. When you are ready to ship please email Sarah or Andrea to get the shipping details. We will send you a confirmation email to let you know we have received your package once it arrives. (OR email me at and I can give you the addresses)

9. Will we be able to find out the response of the girls and ladies who received them so we can share this with our party attendees?

Absolutely! We will do our best to have the delivers take pictures and return with stories from the girls and women. We hope this is something we can even replenish for them year after year as needed—and I know this will mean so much to them and enable many of them to be comfortable and stay in school.

Last but not least–Don’t forget to prewash the fabric so it is ‘pre-shrunk’. We wouldn’t want to send over a bunch of pads and have them shrink out of shape on the first wash!!! Using creativity and deviating from the pattern, etc is totally okay – these are more general ideas and guidelines.

Thank you to the many women helping with this project!!! We are so excited to partner with so many of you to minister to the girls and ladies in this way. This project is not possible without YOU!!! Thank you!!!!!!!


  1. Rebekah, I am so impressed. I've never heard of this kind of project. It's obviously going to meet an important need!


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