Enjoying summer in Brooklyn

Summer in Brooklyn is the BEST!! We moved here in this season last year, and it has a special place in our hearts. So much to do! Happy kids outside! 

On the first day that it was over 80 degrees, the sprinklers were turned on in the neighborhood parks! We loaded up the kids for a long walk and went to enjoy them!

Loading the kids up right after Israel got off the bus and headed to Owl's Head: 

We went to "Main Street Park" in DUMBO. Israel LOVED watching the trains on the Manhattan Bridge and Edith loved the sand!

Will and I went to the NY Philharmonic in Prospect Park one night.

We went to the Water Lab at Brooklyn Bridge Park and then had a picnic! 

Will took Edith on a date to Cobble Hill playgrounds!

One afternoon when it was kind of rainy we went on a family date to the Coop, a coffee shop that has a kids playground. Will got a "draft latte" and I whooped him in Connect Four. 

We love this season and are excited about being out and about without bundling up!!!