It Is MORE Than What It Seems!

I have mentioned before, but it is worth mentioning again! Big House, in Alabama, is trying to collect new swimsuits and new towels for Alabama's Foster Children... All 6000 of them! They will also attempt to embroider each child's name on their towel... This is no small feat. Please read below and pray and consider being involved!!!!!!!

"I have a plea to make with you. If you are my friend... if you are my family member... if you love me, like me, or can tolerate me at all, please donate to this drive for me... but not just for me... for the little boy or girl who is now in foster care because of physical abuse. Or the teen girl who is living with a foster family b/c her mom chose her abusive boyfriend over her own daughter. Or the drug baby that came home from the hospital and into foster care. These kids have SEEN IT ALL. They have experienced things many of us can't imagine. They have truly loved and lost... They have seen parents choose men, women, drugs, alcohol, and deviant lifestyles over them. Many of them come into care with next to nothing- I mean the clothes on their backs- and may never have much that is truly "theirs"... So BigHouse wants to give a small gift that WILL make a big difference! How do we know- we have done this drive for two years and have seen kids say "wow, this is really just for me"... or "Look- it has MY name on it"... these simple statements with the light in their eyes is ALL IT TAKES to know that it's worth the work and stress and begging to do this drive again. I know the state of Alabama has it in us to set the precedent for how we love our kids in foster care- will you help me??

To get involved, please donate a swimsuit or towel or money. That simple. You can go to walmart or target or oldnavy or some other store and pick out the suit and towel yourself... or you can go online and send money so we can purchase what is needed. It doesn't matter to me, but please get involved.

If you don't know any foster children personally, you may wonder "Why should this matter to me?" or "How does their life really affect mine?". Well, these kids go to school with your kids. They will grow up to be your neighbor, your coworker, your community member. Let's make a difference in their life NOW so that they can be healthy members of society later. Our swimsuit and towel drive is a small and easy start!!

So go to the bighouse website and help us! Or email Micah at to volunteer to be an embroiderer or drop off location!


(THANKS Micah for letting me copy your post to help spread the word! Please, fellow bloggers, consider posting this to your blogs too!)

Also I titled this "It is more than what it seems" because, just as Micah wrote, this is much more than just a new swimsuit or towel, this is a gift for a foster child to know that they are loved and thought of. This gift may be what softens their hearts for the gospel!!! For more information on Big House & the Swimsuit/Towel Drive, go to their website here.