April Official Numbers!

Well, this month marks 9 months of officially waiting for a referral (got on the waitlist on July 27)... which means if the projected 9-12 month wait estimate for a referral is true, we are getting pretty close to seeing a baby's face! :)

Honestly, I go back and forth. On the one hand, I am trying to give myself a reality check that with the proposed Ethiopia slowdowns we are probably going to see some delays soon so I should prepare my heart for more of a wait.

But on the flip side, I'm praying bold prayers. Yes, I want Ethiopian adoptions to be ethical and thoroughly investigated. But I also think kids should be raised in homes and not institutions. So I am boldly praying that we would have a baby by Christmas. Join with me, eh? Because if we have a baby by Christmas, that means LOTS of babies will be home by then, and that means this process is moving along. So pray boldly with me. I also know that the later in the summer we get a referral, the more likely we will get caught up in court closure (courts close August & September for the rainy season in Ethiopia). I know 100% that God's timing is perfect and we will be able to see His sovereign hand in the details of our timeline.

So.... here are our April numbers!!!

For a girl: 

For a boy: 

That means that at #29 for a girl, we have moved a total of 55 spots for girls! At #17, we have moved a number of 34 spots for boys! Who knows, this might be a close race for the number one spot!

Again, we don't hold too tightly to these numbers because adoption certainly has an "ebb and flow" and there may be weeks with no referrals, and there may be weeks with lots of them! So who knows when we will become parents? I pray, pray, pray it is this year.


  1. I am praying with you that your child will be home by Christmas. I'm hoping we see lots of referrals this month.

  2. You're in the teens friend! How exciting is that??!?!

  3. We are also praying boldly! I've been trying to prepare for more slow downs and guarding my heart, but there is something that keeps tugging at me with hope for a 2011 baby!

  4. Love your new numbers! Ya'll are getting so close! We are praying boldly too!!!

  5. Very exciting! We were very pleasantly surprised by our April numbers too!

  6. Wow! you are moving on up!! You are geting sooo close to seeing your babies face!!

  7. Thanks for sharing our excitement!


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