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Hey blogfriends, how is it going?

Some people have asked us how things are going, when we'll get our baby, when we can expect a referral, and what is going on with the process... well, we really have nothing to report. We are sitting on the waitlist, and it is nearly impossible to guess the timing of our referral and when we will have our baby home. Our agency gives the estimate of 9-12 months on the waitlist until we can expect a referral, and we got on the waitlist on July 27... so we may get a referral between May and July? Who knows. One certainty is that NOTHING is set in stone with international adoption and that there can be no expectations of timing. Everything, everything is out of our hands. There is nothing left for us to do except for wait. Well, educate ourselves, plan for the baby, and pray a whole lot.

Anyways, want to hear a funny story? Well, last year right after we started the process I decided to sign up for a bunch of baby emails. Like discounts for diapers/formula, coupon websites and other baby sites. Well, there wasn't ever an option for "adopting" so I had to pick a fake due date. At the time the farthest out I could go was October, so I started getting emails about how far along I was in my pregnancy, what to expect with my development, etc. Well now that my fake baby is born, I have gotten 4 cans of free formula (all expiring in 2012, so I should be safe to keep it) and continue to get email updates about what my fake baby should be doing and how I need to take a break and take care of myself, haha. I think it is about time for me to be fake pregnant with fake baby #2 so I can get some more free formula. What do you think? What should my fake due date be this time?? (wink). It's not reallllly cheating the system because our REAL baby, or REAL babies in Ethiopia will get the perks.....

The good thing about having a fake baby is that I recently had two $5 off coupons of Similac formula, and when I was at CVS the other day their soy formula was $5.70 on sale- so I bought two big things of soy formula for less than $2! Score! I'm just starting to get into buying that kind of stuff for the baby (and I think I'm going to use cloth diapers so I'm not really stocking up on diapers unless I'm giving them for baby gifts). And anything that I buy that I won't use I can always donate to Hannah's Hope when we go. Oh, and if you're wondering why I got soy formula- I have picked up from listserve/blogstalking that a lot of Ethiopian babies are lactose intolerant or need soy/sensitive formula. Also, soy formula is very difficult/expensive to get in ET so it is one of the big needs for donations.

So thats our non-update update. We've had a pretty eventful 2011 so far but not much is happening on the adoption front. Thanks so much for praying alongside of us and for sharing in our joy and anticipation.

Love, Bekah


  1. Love you. Praying for God to throw a door wide open.

  2. Just an FYI- We are still using and loving the (same 12) bumgenius diapers. We use disposables for the church nursery and when someone else is watching them. We have had occasional issues, but they have all been resolved w/o problem. Love y'all!

  3. I'm new to following your blog, and we too are in the first steps of adopting from Ethiopia. I've done TONS of reading/research, but did not realize that a lot of Ethiopians are lactose-intolerant. Our youngest son is, so it might not be too much of a change; but I'll definitely do some more reseach. Praying that you get a referral soon! :)


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