March Official Numbers & Answer to a Question

Aside from the great report from our agency yesterday, we are also celebrating our low March numbers!

This month, for a girl we are officially:

 (War Eagle, # 34 Bo Jackson!)

and for a boy we are officially:

(Welcome baseball season, Go Braves!)

So in total we have moved 50 spots for girls since getting on the waitlist, and 29 spots for boys since getting on the waitlist. WOW!

And the fun thing is we are unofficially lower than that! Yippee! Can't wait to see our APRIL numbers! But I don't want to get ahead of the Lord's timing, either. He is teaching us new things every day of this journey!

A few people have asked us "where we are" with fundraising/money. Honestly, a lot of our local friends are in the paperwork phase of the adoption, so we don't really want to take away from their fundraising right now. Another thing is, we have been blessed with extra time (when we started this process last March, we thought we'd have a baby home by now) so we are doing A LOT of saving and the Lord has given me many opportunities to make money sewing. It has been so encouraging to see the Lord bless our little and make it a lot. Humbling, for sure!

So while we do not have what is needed to pay for the rest of our adoption costs (which will come when we get a referral and then travel twice) we are doing our best to save and make money in addition to our income that goes in our adoption fund. I have also gotten pretty "into" couponing and we are seeing the fruit of that time spent in our budget, and thus, savings! And if we don't have what we need to pay the bills in the end- we will look into no-interest adoption loans and we are CONFIDENT the Lord will provide, as He has done that so far!

BUT if you are interested in supporting us as we save for the approaching referral fees/travel, there are two ways you can help us right now (well, three if you include the donate button- but these two ways I'm about to mention allow you to receive a tangible gift that you can think of our baby when you enjoy them!).

1. Our etsy shop   The name is "Craft 4 Adoption" because that is the purpose of it :) You can also find it on facebook and "like" it!

2. Just Love Coffee. We loooove this coffee. And it is fair trade! People in my office have started buying it regularly and I was told by a coworker that even after we bring home our baby they will still buy it because it is that good! Every item bought from our "shop" online - we get some profit! Woo hoo! Visit our store here:

THANK YOU for praying with us during this exciting, crazy, humbling journey.