Valentine's Day

This year I felt a little ambitious and we made homemade Valentines. My neighbor Mary came over Saturday and helped me do the handprint and bubbles ones. Then Sunday morning before church the kids helped me make ones for their church peers. Israel colored and Edith did the gluing.


On the actual Valentines Day, I had my postpartum checkup and Annie wore a cute V-Day outfit!


Edith had playgroup so we went, but only lasted a few minutes after a potty training accident and an ill-prepared mama.


We came home and snuggled on the couch!


Israel came home in a good mood from school! He went on a field trip to a bowling alley and told me "bus, walking, beep beep!"  I can't wait to hear more about his adventures. He really does try to recap for me about his day.


I stepped out of the room for a minute and Israel climbed up to snuggle next to the baby.


Israel is really into coloring these days (for the first time!) and so he and daddy colored. The way Israel says "paper" sounds a little French almost. Like Pay-pear. It's adorable.

Little chunk. I love her so:

Israel made me a Valentine at school:


Also, not pictured are flowers for me & Edie from Dada, cards and books from grandparents, and a homemade meal and cupcakes delivered by a friend! It was a sweet day! Hope yours was full of love as well!