Seven Years!

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary! :)

Each year has been harder and sweeter at the same time. This time last year we were visiting Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and interviewing with our current church. Later in the spring we announced our move, said good-bye to the South, and moved to the city. We spent the summer enjoying New York, and the fall brought in challenges, with Israel not sleeping and other things that just smelled like spiritual warfare!

This year we have had to learn the importance and routine of self-care. We've been stretched thin at times, and we have had a lot of fun this year! We still fight about stupid things and laugh about some of the same jokes.

I'm so thankful to do life with my best friend. It's been an adventure and I'm thankful for my brave, spontaneous, and encouraging partner in this life. Will, I love your passion for God and the way that your life reflects that love! Here's to a lifetime of more adventures!

(Photos from this post courtesy of H+M Photo).