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Newlywed McGees

The Details: 
We were married in February 2009 during my husband's seminary spring break. We lived in seminary housing, living the tight-budget life for the first year of our marriage. We saw some of our friends, the Flemings, who were another young couple, start and finish their adoption process. We realized that adoption didn't have to be something that you did AFTER you had all of the biological kids you wanted. We realized God could provide for US- newlyweds on a tight budget! So after being married a year, on my (Rebekah) 23rd birthday, we submitted our application to AGCI for the Ethiopia program. We met the minimal requirements on everything! We knew that adoption was something we wanted to accomplish in our life, and there didn't seem to be a better time than the present. Our adoption process has been nothing but a testimony of God's faithfulness and provision. We are thrilled to finally be parents and so grateful for our son, Israel, who will be a lifelong reminder of God's goodness and redemption.

Currently, we live in NYC where my husband, a PhD candidate, is a pastor in Brooklyn, NYC. You can learn more about that story at www.crossroadsbrooklyn.com/mcgees

We moved to Brooklyn in June 2015 and have loved living here in the city and raising our kids here. We hope our life can be a display of imperfect people that point to a perfect and loving Father God.

Israel (born October 2011) has been home from Ethiopia since May 2012, and we have a biological daughter Edith, born August 2013 and Annalise, born January 2017. Israel has several diagnoses including Cerebral Palsy and Autism; we are seeing the works of God being displayed through his challenges. His story has shaped us in many ways.

Although this began as an adoption blog and place to update others about our adoption process, we are not adoption experts. We are doing the best we can to advocate and care for our little family and this blog is now a place for us to document the memories that we want to remember. It is definitely a filtered space; we don't want to post things that could later shame or harm our children. We hope that this blog will encourage others but also point to Christ who has transformed our family and given us hope amidst the challenges.

April 2017

May 2015

Israel and Edith, May 2014